Mobile Security Technology

Topics: Computer virus, Spyware, Spam Pages: 2 (391 words) Published: December 26, 2007
Mobile Security Technology
Trend Micro™ Mobile Security for Symbian™ is an antivirus and spam prevention solution for mobile devices. It helps protect devices running the Symbian operating system from viruses and other security risks, including unsolicited commercial messages (spam) sent by Short Messaging Service (SMS). Version 2.0 of Trend Micro Mobile Security for Symbian extends its protection to Bluetooth devices and possibly harmful messages sent using WAP (Wireless Application Protocol.). It also enables users to quarantine and deny access to security risks, in addition to deleting them. Understanding viruses and other malware

Malware, short for malicious software, is a term used to describe viruses and related threats. However, because viruses were the first and best known type of malware, this entire category of security risks are often referred to as viruses. Tens of thousands of viruses and other malware exist.

Although commonly designed to pose security risks to personal computers, viruses and other malicious codes and contents can also attack mobile devices. As people increasingly use mobile devices to share files, check email, and surf the Internet, the risk against security increases. Existing computer viruses include the following types:

• ActiveX malicious code – resides in Web pages that execute ActiveX controls • COM and EXE file infectors – executable programs with .com or .exe extensions • Java malicious code – operating-system-independent virus code written or embedded in Java • Macro viruses – encoded as an application macro and often included in a document • Trojan horses – executable programs that do not replicate but instead reside on systems to perform malicious acts, such as open ports for hackers to enter

• HTML, VBScript, or JavaScript viruses – reside in Web pages and are downloaded through a browser
• Worms – self-contained programs that are able to spread functional copies of themselves or their segments to other computer...
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