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Mobile Sector

By | August 2009
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Overview of the Telecommunication Industry
Bangladesh is a country with one of the lowest tele-densities in the world. Deregulation of the telecommunications sector has already created considerable interest from overseas firms to run mobile cellular networks, operate rural telephone exchanges, provide paging and trunking facilities and become Internet service providers. There are already a number of European companies present in Bangladesh, both as operators and as suppliers of equipment and telecommunication services. International companies have made investments in a local cellular firm and are gradually expanding their operations through joint ventures with other international operators and investors. There will also be further prospects for expanding operations networks through joint ventures with established operators, for equipment supply, technical know-how and even management, all of which can be exchanged for equity. The private operators have all entered the market by way of joint ventures, even though in accordance with the private investment guidelines of the Bangladesh Government, they could have taken a 100% equity stake in a telecom operating company. Most investors to date believed they needed a local partner to help them through the regulatory process with BTTB. The overall performance of BTTB is acknowledged to be inadequate, though at this time there is no other existing regulatory authority. Generally the lead investors have been substantial who have sufficient financial resources and backing to be able to sustain the possibly long and tedious efforts that have been needed to obtain the necessary licenses in this sector. The Telecommunication has the following sectors:

1.Mobile Operators
2.Fixed Line Operators
4.WiMax Operators
5.IGW Operators
6.ICX Operators
7.Data Service
8.Call Centres

I. Individual Industries per Sub-Sector:
1.1Historical Overview
The Bangladesh Telegraph and...

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