Mobile Salon Business

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Description of the company
Now a day, people tend to have less time to go to the traditional salons to get their hair cut or nails done on the timely basic. By doing mobile salon, we offer customer the convenience of not having to drive to the salon and wait for their turns. Less driving time and more importantly it is a great service to Baby boomers populations who most of the time hesitating of doing too much driving. This service is also attractive to busy people. Mobile salon offers full services hair, nails, facial, make-up and eco-friendly salon which offers non-harmful chemical products with no waiting time. Employees are independent contractors who are licensed in different services. It’s best to hire people who have cosmetology license because they can perform different services at the same appointment. Flexible ways to schedule an appointment: online, by phone. The mobile salon business mission is to offer clients professional and convenient salon services. Marketing objectives:

-Profitability by six months.
-Grow the profit margin by 10% each year
-Maintain regular customers and increase new customers by 10% per 6 months. -Maintain steady profit growth each month.
-By hiring experienced licensed technicians, the advantage is they already built some amount of clients. -Partnering with other technicians can help offering clients with more flexible meeting schedules. -The convenient full service can help us to compete with other independent technicians who can only offer one kind of service. -One of the advantages of mobile salon is that we can offer after hour service. Well trained and skilled technicians will help building loyal customers

-Lack of essential equipment compare to traditional salons
-Vehicles used for mobile salon service have to be register as commercial ones, more tear and wear cost is added to our vehicles, must purchase higher insurance coverage for our vehicles -Must plan accordingly...
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