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DATE: Jan 9th 2013

To whom so ever it may concern

We hereby authorize GROUP to act on our behalf in all manners relating to application of data provided by us, relating to these matters. Any and all acts carried out by Group on our behalf shall have the same effect as acts of our own.

This authorization is valid until further written notice from us. Sincerely,

(Company counsel or company officer signature)

(Name and Title)

Note: Here Group means following members:
* Abhishek Shukla
* Harsh Saini
* Jai Sisodia
* Jitatma Chahar
* Komal Siddhartha


The following is the report developed by Abhishek Shukla, Harsh Saini, Jai Sisodia, Jitatma Chahar, and Komal Siddhartha as part of our research project looking into issues surrounding three areas namely: a) A small mobile van restaurant in Koregaon Park

b) Being a corporate soft-skills consultant (effective communications, interpersonal skills development, etc.) c) Using her own property to create a children’s camp and a corporate outbound training camp.

The objective of this project is to evaluate various business opportunities for the client in the above-mentioned areas and to provide her with the analysis in two phases. The first phase is based completely on Secondary data analysis and the Second phase is based on Primary Data Analysis.

The results of the report are reflected in the two phases each of which follows a particular Market Research Strategy and Methodology.

* Table of Contents
Executive Summary4
Requirements Document as provided by the client6
Market and Strategic Overview6
Background and Role of the Research6
Suggested Approach & Research Target(s)6
Reporting Requirements7
Existing research or other information7
1.Phase I8
Research Design Followed8
Data Accessing Methods8
Market Background8
1.Soft Skills8
2.Children Camps9
3.“Food-on-go” Van11
2.SWOT Analysis12
3.Conclusions from Phase I14
2. Phase II15
1. Introduction15
1.1 Literature Review15
2. Perception of People towards eating food from food-trucks18
3. Results20
3.1 Hypothesis: Perception will differ for Male and Female20
3.2 Perception will differ because of Marital Status25
3.3 Perception will also differ because of Occupation29
3.4 Abbreviations are as follows:34

* Executive Summary
Market research is a central tool in the development of both new and existing markets. At its core, the objective of market research is to better understand the potential customers for a given product in order to guide product development and reduce the financial and technical risk of entering that market. Using the appropriate type, timing and amount of market research is critical for two primary reasons: First, if used appropriately market research’s primary objective is to reduce the risk of entering a new market. Conversely, incorrectly used market research can in fact increase the market risks. Second, market research itself represents a significant investment (See Figure 1). If used correctly, this investment can pay back several times in reduced product development expense and in improved market acceptance. The Market Research Project was based on two phases:

The first phase had the objective of “Providing Competition Analysis” to the client based completely on Secondary Data in the three areas which will be mentioned later. In the Second Phase the client will pick an area of her choice based on the analysis provided in Phase I and then Market Research has to be conducted to identify Target Population, this has to be done through Primary Data Analysis.

* Objective
The primary objective of this project was to provide the client with a recommendation of the Target Population in the area...
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