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  • Published : January 3, 2012
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1. Mobiles basic Electronics

Electrical parameters - Current, Voltage, Frequency
Mobile electronic Components - Resistors, Capacitors, Diodes, Transistors and LEDs Use of Multimeter - Measuring resistance, capacitance, voltage, batteries

2. Mobile Phone Components

Mobile Components - Speaker, Mic, Ringer, Vibrator, Charging Connector, Memory, Antenna Batteries - Types of batteries, Standby time, Talk time. Chargers.

3. Mobile Basic Introduction

GSM / CDMA Technology
Basic Working
Different terms used in mobile phones – Bluetooth, SMS, Memory Cards Different services – GPRS, WAP, 2G, 3G
Different Functions – Speed dialing, Call waiting, Call conference etc.

4. Basic Troubleshooting

Tools used for opening mobile Phones
Disassemble and Assembly of Mobile Phones.
L2 Components testing, troubleshooting and replacement - Display, Speakers, Mic, Vibrators, ringers, Antennas, charging connector. Cleaning method of PCB.
Replacement of panels.

5. Advance Mobile Hardware

Different sections in mobile phone - PFO section, RF section, Baseband section Introduction to Various ICs and electronic components. - PA, Antenna switch, RAM IC, Cobb, Power IC, Charging IC, CPU (MAD / UPP),filers, Thavo IC, etc. Soldering/desoldering of mobile components.

Using blower for removing mobile components.
Study of Block diagram and PCB pictorial.
Tracing and trouble shooting through circuit diagram.

6. Software Introduction

Introduction to personal computers.
Software features like downloading thru bluetooth, data backup etc. Connecting Mobile with PC.
Introduction of flashing and software upgrades.

7. Software World Class Unlockers

Flashing and unlocking with UFS - Nokia
Flashing and unlocking with JAF – Nokia
Flashing and unlocking with Cruiser - Sonyericsson
Flashing and unlocking with Infinity – China and unlocking...
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