Mobile Phones, Technology and Their Impact on Relationships, Social Movements and Education

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  • Published : April 26, 2012
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Mobile Phones, Technology and their Impact on Relationships, Social Movements and Education

Mobile phones and technology have come a long way over the years, people’s lives have become more demanding and they rely more and more on technology, it has had a big impact on our everyday life: our relationships, social movements and education. The mobile phone has become one the most widespread and popular pieces of technology of the past few decades. ‘Worldwide there are now over 1.7 billion cell phone accounts, 600 million more cell phones services than fixed lines.’ (Castells et al. 2007 as cited in Bittman, M, Brown, J, Wajcman, J, 2009) Over the past decade, the information and communication technologies (ICTs), especially the Internet and mobile communication, have changed the way people work, play, learn and communicate. (Lee, P, Leung, L, Venhwei, L, Xiong, C, 2008, p 458). With 3G technology, the mobile phone has become not just a means of communication but a way to send and receive data, videos, music, access the Internet and more. The mobile phone has become a necessary part of our everyday life, according to a study done by Bittman, M et al (2009, p. 232) ‘the mobile phone is primarily a device used for social connectedness, extending the role of the fixed-line telephone as means of ‘staying in touch’ with intimates (family and friends).’ It has allowed the world to become a smaller place by allowing people to become connected.

Technology and mobile phone have had a big impact on our relationships, especially family life. The mobile phone has allowed for more spontaneous and frequent communication between family members (Lanigan, J, 2009). It allows family members, lovers, and friends to have instant contact through voice, text messages and email and allows for spontaneous planning of impromptu meetings and activities. According to Bittman, M et al (2008, p 648) “the mobile phone significantly increases people’s capacity to maintain intimacy at a...
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