Mobile Phones Problems

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Mobile Phones Problems

By | September 2011
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Describe the developments in mobile phone services, and assess the impact of this phenomenon on society in your country.

Nowadays, approximately seventy per cent of people in China have at least one mobile phone. According to the reference, the number of global phone users had doubled in two years to pass the 1 billion mark, China had just overtaken American as the world’s largest market and across Africa subscriptions were doubling. Further, a research has shown that more than sixty per cent of the people interviewed would choose to have a mobile phone on their person if they were given a choice of three carry-on articles when they go out. Most people, especially the young indicated that they cannot image their lives without a mobile phone. Compared with the older models, the modern device now offer a great range of services such as MP4, camera, text messaging, alarm clocks, Internet access, video-calling and games. This essay will focus on two modern services, Internet access, camera and games. Then, it will discuss the impact it has had on society in China.

Firstly, online services could be considered as one of the most significant functions of mobile phones in recent years in China. Compared with old mobile phones which can only make phone call and send messages, getting access to Internet on mobile phones now can be seen as a revolutionary progress in history. Because instead of traditional communication system, individuals can contact by many applications designed for mobile phones such as VIBER, WHAT'S APP and TALKBOX. Moreover, people can check emails and obtain weather report as long as they carry their mobile phones. They also can search for information online, chat and use social networks such as twitter, weibo. The positive result of these services is that it offers convenience with access to Internet anywhen and anywhere, which means information can be gained when it is needed. In addition, in China, the cost of using the Internet is decreasing...

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