Mobile Phones in the Future

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  • Published : December 13, 2010
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Sheri Wernert
Managerial Marketing: BUS620
Mobile Phones in the Future
Professor Steinhagen
November 18, 2010
Mobile Phones in the Future
Mobile phones are changing the face of communication and marketing in emerging markets around the world, and the implications are profound (Wilson, 2010). Companies must face the marketing issues of the fast moving trends in the mobile world. Identifying trends that are sure to emerge over the next few years is the first step in establishing the right marketing issues. The world is currently in the midst of the fifth major technology cycle of the past half a century (Ingram, 2010). As technology progresses we can see the changes that have come about since the 1950’s. In the 50’s and 60’s the world had the mainframe era, which led to the mini-computer era in the 1970’s and the desktop Internet era of the 1980’s. Now with the fast paced life that most of us live with in juggling work and family we have entered into the mobile Internet era. I, myself thought I would never need a mobile phone with internet access so when I purchased my current phone which is a smart phone I was surprised how much I rely on the internet use. Users that switch to smart phones and connect to the Internet over the use of laptop is predicted to rise within the next five years (Ingram, 2010). While the mobile boom could take a toll on mobile carriers they are not adverse to the money that will bring the company profits. Marketing is the key to making this happen. AT&T carries the I-phone, which is the biggest seller for Apple. Marketing on this phone is essential to show the consumer world the benefits and functions of this phone. Verizon has its own version using the android technology in phones such as the Droid and Ally. Analysts predict with the mobile data traffic of these phones usage will increase by almost 4,000 percent by 2014 (Ingram, 2010). Ecommerce will likely grow within these years also due to things such as...
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