Mobile Phones: Bring Us Together to Tear Us Apart

Topics: Mobile phone, Text messaging, Nokia Pages: 3 (1231 words) Published: February 12, 2012
Mobile phones allow us to stay in 24/7 contact with everyone. Before we can consider their value we first have to look back at where it all started. Samuel Morse had a vision of telecommunication and in the 1830’s he constructed the electromagnetic telegraph and created the Morse Code. This was a series of dots and dashes to create words and sentences. This drove people with ideas about because they saw that messages could be carried through electricity. In the 1940’s, Reginald Fessenden’s invented the shore to ship radio receiver. This receiver was the first time the transmission of speech was able to be recognized. Next, Motorola employed Martin Cooper who is known as the father of the cellular phone and in 1954 he developed a portable product. Then on April 3, 1973 Cooper demonstrated the first cell phone call to the rival AT&T Bell Labs while on the streets of New York City. With this first call the communication shift toward the individual and away from a specific place was set in place. Fast forward now to 2012 where about 90 percent of the US population are mobile phone subscribers. This means that just over 285 million Americans that carry a mobile phone. Out of that number 50 million of them are smart phones. In 2009 alone, over 1.5 trillion text messages were sent. Text messages have become the new form of communication. A text message is the exchange of a brief written message between fixed portable devices. Text messages are also referred to as Short Message Service (SMS) and a message with an image or video is known as a multimedia Message Service (MMS). Text messaging has been taking off since the mid-2000’s and has allowed for more interaction between people. The mobile phone not only brings us closer together it keeps us constantly in contact with people with just one press of a button. Text Messaging allows people to send messages to another person without actually talking to them. While it does account for less actual...
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