Mobile Phones

Topics: Mobile phone, Cellular network, GSM Pages: 69 (23192 words) Published: November 25, 2011
Chapter 1

The Problem and Its Background

This chapter presents the introduction, statement of the problem, scope and delimitation of the problem, the significance of the study, and the definition of terms.

Life without a cell-phone… How are we going to survive without it? From a fashion statement, status symbol, luxury to a necessity, the journey of cellular telephones has been one of great technological advancements. But do we, who take these "cells" for granted, ever think of the technology behind it? A cell phone service is based on a simple idea. It is like a two-way radio, turned into a circuit switched telephone network, comparable in functionality to its landline counterpart. We had wireless sets before, used by security, police, organizers etc. but cell phones were not only accessible easily, they were more personal. A mobile phone (also called mobile, cellular telephone, or cell phone) is an electronic device used for two-way radio telecommunication over a cellular network of base stations known as cell sites. Mobile phones differ from cordless telephones, which only offer telephone service within limited range through a single base station attached to a fixed land line, for example within a home or an office. A mobile phone allows its user to make and receive telephone calls to and from the public telephone network which includes other mobiles and fixed-line phones across the world. It does this by connecting to a cellular network owned by a mobile network operator. A key feature of the cellular network is that it enables seamless telephone calls even when the user is moving around wide areas via a process known as handoff or handover. Mobile phones are used for a variety of purposes, including keeping in touch with family members, conducting business, and having access to a telephone in the event of an emergency. Some people carry more than one cell phone for different purposes, such as for business and personal use. Multiple SIM cards may also be used to take advantage of the benefits of different calling plans—a particular plan might provide cheaper local calls, long-distance calls, international calls, or roaming. Mobile phones have really changed our lives with their amazing features like Bluetooth, megapixel cameras and MP3 players. They have truly transformed our lives. Now, you can click snaps, make videos and do a whole lot of other functions on your handset. Mobile phones are definitely the best thing to have happened to our generation. You are sitting in your house and your daughter just calls you up from her university. Your son sends you snaps of his vacation in Australia. Mobile phones have completely infiltrated our lives with their impeccable styles and swish technology. Mobile phones are undoubtedly one of the biggest inventions of the 21st century. They are completely loaded with amazing features and brilliant technologies. mobile phones have been the most wonderful digital inventions of the past 50 years. They have constantly changed and made our lives simply superb. This is the most convenient way of communication towards others. Mostly user of these high tech device are teenagers and students. They save money to have some load and used most of their time texting and calling. They are mostly addicted into it. Accident usually occurs for some reason that drivers used to text and call while on board driving cars. This is for any reason abuse in using this device.

Statement of the Problem
Generally, this descriptive study aims to discover the Correlation Between the Frequency of Excessive use of mobile phone and the encountered problems
  Specifically, the research addressed the following questions:

1.      What is the demographic profile of the respondents in terms of : a.       age
b.      address, and
c.       gender
2.      What is the frequency of use of mobile phones by the respondents? 3.      What are the purposes and advantages that mobile phone users...
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