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  • Published: February 17, 2013
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Critical role of managerial skills

◆ What is management ?

a.) An act of getting people together (formation of a team) b.) Achieving desired goals and objectives
c.) Using the available resources efficiently and effectively

◆ Components of management :

a.) Planning
b.) Organizing
c.) Staffing
d.) Leading or directing
e.) Controlling

◆ Managerial Skills required to manage the ever-changing business or social environment, environment serve as the fixed points.

a.) Hardly any change observed in the effectiveness of managerial skill over several thousand years b.) Well documented evidence to prove their role in effectively managing human and organizational performance . c.) Confirmed improvement in interpersonal and organizational performance

“Management Skills”:

a.) Not restricted to an organization or work setting b.) Logical and rational approach towards problem solving and conflict management

Skills of effective Managers

◆ The management literature is filled with lists of attributes, behaviour, orientations, and strategies for successful performance :

◆ Pfeiffer's 7 key practices associated with managerial and organizational effectiveness:

1. Ensure employee security
2. Selectively hire people
3. Foster decentralisation
4. Share information

Quinn’s eight “seeds” of effective management and leadership:

1. Envision the productive community
2. First look within
3. Embrace the hypocritical self
4. Transcend fear
5. Embody a vision of common good
6. Disturb the system
7. Surrender to the emergent process
8. Entice through moral power

An international study of 6,052 managers from 22 countries:

The focus of...
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