Mobile Phone to the School

Topics: Mobile phone, Push-button telephone, Motorola Pages: 2 (996 words) Published: April 14, 2013
we disagree with the motion
Social-culture and health  side
In this side, we must think about our culture. Our culture not allowed us to bring phone to the school. But our culture didn’t forbid us to bring phone to the school. However modern culture that always breed teach us a lot of technology. Give us many flexible thing that we will feel fine if we use this thing. For the example is hand phone. Everyone , old person, young person, student, more over elementary student have a hand phone. Hand phone is a flexible thing that we can use without cable and we can bring it wherever we go, we can call and send massage to every one with a less than a minute. We can use this thing to entertain us , for the example is we can play a game, listening to music, take a video and picture and so on. It’s fun to use it, we will always use this thing if we have already felt fun when we use this. This is a dangerous for us. Why? because we will feel dependent and we will use all the time. we would feel lonely if we do not use or carry. usually students who would feel that way. because they only use hand phone  when you feel bored and want to amuse yourself with the entertainment that isavailable on hand phone. that’s what we will cover this time. why students should not bring hand phone to school. 1. The first is the danger of hackers. many students who carry mobile phones thought that putting his hand on the table or under the table it is quite safe, but sometimes if we have a friend who might be ignorant, and he would take to hack mobile phones us, the ignorant one may send a message to person who has his hand phone number is in our hand phone contact with the language or words we do not want. people who will be sent angry at us. when we know the person sending is our friend we would be angry with him. this will cause a conflict that will end with a fight and hate each other. 2. In health side the current era has been highly developed,  many smartphone have been ...
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