Mobile Phone Photography

Topics: Mobile phone, Rotary dial, Internet Pages: 4 (1750 words) Published: April 20, 2013
Cynthia Hedgepeth
Instructor Casson
English 1020
25 January 2012
Mobile Phone Photography
I am going to school to be a photographer, but I already am one, and so are thousands of other people out there in the world. The fact is that many people are taking photos everyday of ordinary things and posting them for many people to see and it causes a chain reaction. I use an application on my phone called Instagram, and I instantly can view photos from around the world, and many times there are stories and things shared between users that give them a larger perspective on life than before they saw the photo. Not only are people using photos captured on their phones for artistic expression, but also to share information with police and news stations, so that action can be taken sooner and more effectively. Mobile phone photography has advanced in a way that has created a community of photographers, through mobile applications. It has also changed the way news is spread on a daily basis. Mobile phones have advanced a long way from their humble beginnings and so have the abilities of people to use them for other purposes such as photography. I remember when cell phones were bulky bricks with large antennas that barely anyone owned. If you don’t have a cell phone these days, people think you are “out of the loop.” Not only do most people have a mobile phone, but most people also use their phone for other purposes than just making phone calls. In an article by the Pew Research Center, the idea that mobile phones are used for many different purposes is discussed. It states that roughly 85% of the US population owns a cell phone, 57% use it regularly for taking pictures and 43% regularly use it for the internet. While text messaging is the next most common use for cell phones, in most countries, taking pictures is not far behind. What is interesting to know is that countries with a higher income generally have a higher rate of people using their phones for social...
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