Mobile Phone and Skype

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  • Published : December 8, 2011
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I can talk to my sister and see her face while we converse. Normally, anyone can accomplish this by sitting in the same room, but my sister lives in Los Angeles, CA. Skype closes that gap by offering video and audio phone calls to anyone with a computer and webcam. With over 929 million registered users as of September 2011 (Wikipedia, p.1), Skype has become the “voice” of the internet. That “voice” has allowed millions of users to talk and see family and friends from every corner of the world - for free. I personally have talked to people in Santa Fe, Los Angeles, Dallas/Ft. Worth, Pittsburgh, and my living room, all from my laptop computer. The ability to see the expressions, gestures, and environments of people through a screen from anywhere in the world is a science-fiction dream come to life; it is a true miracle of technology with so much potential. Skype is one of the few inventions that could yield such amazing results in the near future and, owned with Microsoft (Microsoft, p.1), now can give it the added boost to assure its success for future years. CNET, a well-respected technology website, reviewed the newest update from Skype. The editor loved the results of Skype, objectively giving it five of five stars and a sparkling review (CNET, p.1). In this article, we read that the new features include how videoconferencing is no longer limited to one extra person, leaving three cameras only. Now, you can combine more people for a videoconference and, for a simpler method, enlarge the screen of only the person talking (CNET, p.1). This technique would help to deter interruptions and encourage speaking from only one person at a time. Imagine watching a debate online where only one person spoke per turn! With Microsoft purchasing Skype this year, and with most every desktop monitor and laptop coming standard with some form of webcam, and with the recent advent of the iPad and its successor, Skype is poised to remain the largest online and...
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