Mobile Phone and Samsung Electronics

Topics: Mobile phone, Mobile network operator, Laptop Pages: 4 (1300 words) Published: December 2, 2012
Clarence Powell
Liberty University
MMGP Background Information
BUSI520 – Group 3
November 4, 2012

Samsung Galaxy S3
In this paper we shall explore The Traditional 4P’s which are, product place, promotion and price; while also examining and understanding the new 4P’s on which we have today: -people, processes, programs, and performance – while determining which is more effective for future business and long term success for the company. We will analyze Samsung Electronics and provide information regarding the company’s background and its newest product: The Samsung Galaxy S3. Galaxy S3 Description

From caveman to modern man is a phrase in which we can use to describe our evolution of mobile technology. The initial purpose of mobile technology was to connect with people while being on the go or having the ability to connect without a line. However, today modern technology purposes are to connect and facilitate our lives. Before, phones were kind of used for card game, calculators, and time; before, even less than those features. Now days we have Internet, mobile banking, millions of games, task management, etc. Before features were just a line of numbers going a cross, which was considered your screen. Now, we have full-blown screens that you can just touch and it is considered a button replacing the traditional methods for dialing. Today we have my version of first class smartphones, the Samsung Galaxy S3, based upon vast reviews named the Samsung Galaxy S3 is named one of the hottest phones on the Android market. Based on what people must have and desire this phone has played its part in making completion step there game up. As, for its features The Samsung Galaxy S3 body is thin in shape and this is good especially since people want a phone they can put in there pocket and not worry about it taking up space, as for its look it is sleek and a more comfortable grip if you have had a Samsung phone...
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