Mobile Phone and Nokia

Topics: Mobile phone, Smartphone, Microsoft Windows Pages: 11 (4041 words) Published: November 29, 2011
Corporate Strategy

Marie Kerr, Dr David Pollard

Report Title
Critically examine the rationale of the recently announced Nokia and Microsoft strategic partnership

Presentation Deadline
13 April 2011

Student Name
Gul Aliskan
Hammad Hafeez
Ufuk Can Cindioglu
Umer Zia
Zhenhua Ma

1. Introduction-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------3 2. Market analysis -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------4 3. Financial Performance----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------6 4. Needs of Partnership-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------6 5. Nokia and Microsoft on board------------------------------------------------------------------------------8 6. Benefits of Partnership--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------8 7. Swot Analysis for Nokia and Microsoft------------------------------------------------------------------10 8. Risk of Partnership-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------13 9. Ansoff matrix for Nokia and Microsoft-------------------------------------------------------------------14 10.Conclusion----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------15 11. Bibliography--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------16

1. Introduction
The topic of our report is critically examining the rationale of the recently announced Nokia and Microsoft strategic partnership. Now here rationale means to define the basic and fundamental reasons that why did Nokia and Microsoft decided to take each other’s hand and move towards future. In this report we have tried to cover every aspect of this recent partnership. We will see the history of these two huge companies including the financial analysis and the market analysis and we will also explain about the main cause which leads both companies to become partners. We will also critically evaluate and explain that if the partnership will be a success in coming future or it will fail to regain a lost market share in the market of smart phones and services. Now the two companies which we will mainly focus on are Microsoft and Nokia. Based on our research Nokia plays an important role more than Microsoft in this recent partnership because Nokia will be more beneficial than Microsoft in terms to regain its lost market share and decreasing growth trend. History and background

Nokia was initiated in 1865 as a company which produces rubber, cables and papers till 1967. The new Nokia Corporation was established in 1968, and they ruled in mobile industry. From 1992 boom was mobile usage took place, and Nokia was the leader in the mobile company since then. From 2000 onwards 3G technologies is merged with Nokia to take to high levels and the journey to innovate new products are still going on. Microsoft is a leader when it comes to computers that include software, hardware etc. From 1987-1992 Microsoft launched Windows 2.0-2.11 and their motto was more windows, more speed. In 1990-1994 Windows 3.0 –Windows NT- was introduced called getting the graphics. Windows XP was a landmark for MS as these windows is more stable, useful and fast. From 2006-2008 Vista was launched which offered more security and stability. 2009 till now Windows 7 are ruling the computers for its variety of features.

2. Market analysis

Market Share of Nokia

These charts show the positive and negative trends of different mobile companies from year 2007 to 2010 regarding sales, shares and market growth. As you can see that in 2007 Nokia market share was 48.7 percent and after one year in 2008 Nokia immediately dropped its market share from 48.7 percent to 42.4 and had...
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