Mobile Phone and Favorite Website Facebook

Topics: Mobile phone, Text messaging, Instant messaging Pages: 3 (694 words) Published: February 25, 2013
Donna Moran
Speech 100

Topic: How technically effects us
General Purpose: Persuasive
Specific Purpose: To persuade my audience to focus more on their lives instead of being on technically .


I. A woman driving her car, her eyes off the road, an accident occurred due to texting and are found dead. Being bullied on facebook led a teenage girl to commit suicide. II. These are the two scenarios in how technical reality is a dangerous part of today’s society. III. I have done research in texting and facebook that effects people in many different ways. IV. Today, I would like to persuade you that many people live in a technical world by using texting and a website like facebook instead of facing reality.

(Transition: Let’s start with everyone’s favorite activity texting)


I. Everyone is texting and has impacted their lives, which have caused them to injury or even death. People text while driving, running, walking, and even in places like school and work that are easily distracted by receiving a text. A. According to the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety there statistics show that in the year 2010 there has been over 33,788 lives lost. 1. Many people know the danger of texting, but they rather risk their lives and just answer that text they received or read an email instead of focusing on their driving. 2. For instance, on CBS News in Minnesota announced that a mother was texting on her cell phone, with her two kids in the car, and caused her to crash into a motorcyclist that was in serious injuries. B. Besides texting and driving, adults and students are easily distracted from work and/or school. 1. On September 2011, Chris Gayomali from Time, his statistics shows that 83% of American adults that own cell phones, 73% of them send roughly about 110 texts per day or 3,200 text messages per month. 2. For example, students are easily...
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