Mobile Phone and Consumerism

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‘Mobile Phone Industry’

Research Question

1)What is consumerism and how does it differ between More Economically Developed Countries, Less Economically Developed Countries and Newly Developing Countries?

In order to answer this question, I will create a worldwide map of the development process of Nokia’s phones (one of the leading mobile phone manufactures) and to understand the different roles that different countries have on the manufacture of mobile phones. Furthermore I will look at sources on graphs and images which have information on consumerism in order to help me gain a better understanding of consumerism.

2)How do mobile phones affect people differently in MEDCs, LEDCs and Developing Countries?

In order to answer this question, I will be starting to look at three different countries which are The United Kingdom (MEDC), Democratic Republic of Congo (LEDC), and China (Newly Developing Countries). I will also be evaluating the positives, negatives and the overview of sustainability of phone on differently developed counties.

3)To explain the sustainable impacts of mobile phones on people in the environment.

For this question, I will be looking at places around the world to help create a more sustainable future and also evaluate these ideas to help get a better understanding about the impacts of mobile phones in our environment.

How the mobile phone industry may have a positive or negative impact on different groups of people.

What is consumerism?

Consumerism dictionary definition: “The protection or promotion of the interests of consumers” or “The preoccupation of society with the acquisition of consumer goods” But who do we call a consumer? Consume basically means to use things up, either by eating them, wearing them or playing with them and otherwise using them to satisfy one's desires and needs. For example a teenager might buy the latest clothes or technology so it‘s based on fashion and popularity, whilst a mother of three would buy her children essential stuff based on their lifestyle. It's about taking everything that can be taken, consuming everything that can be consumed.

What does the cartoon show?

The cartoon is showing a man telling his wife that he bought something. The wife is thrilled because in our Consumerist society buying something helps the economy and she is happy because of that. She is also happy because buying things in our society is normal and we live life in excess. The cartoonist is showing that we buy things so much and we are always happy about it. Never looking at the consequences or at what we could be doing with our money like helping people who are less fortunate.

The cartoon really shows the dangers of Consumerism. It shows a lady telling another lady that she bought a big, crazy machine she will never need just because it was on sale and the store was running out. The cartoonist is trying to show that people buy things even if they do not need them, like the lady in the cartoon is doing. This shows the biggest problem of Consumerism. Consumerism is buying useless things that you do not need in the excess, this is exactly what this cartoon is showing.

How and why does consumer choice differ for MEDCs and LEDCs?

Rich countries (MEDC) - Disposable income; better jobs; higher wages; and their families are smaller and can afford luxuries. (Examples of people are in the United Kingdom) Poor countries (LEDC) - Necessity; there are fewer skilled jobs, lower wages so they do not have a disposable income; and have big families. (Examples of people are in the Democratic Republic of Congo)

This shows how different consumerism is in LEDCs and MEDCs. In MEDCs, people are addicted to shopping as the shopping figures are increasing. Whilst in the LEDC there have no disposable income so they are no addiction to shopping and they...
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