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  • Published : February 17, 2011
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Ever-changing technologies have indeed created its demand in the world today. Many people are so dependent on technology that they have unknowingly become the slaves of technology. It has also helped to create convenience to the people. To date, many people are using their mobile phone as their personal digital assistant, one example is Smartphone.

Smartphone is a combination of mobile phones and personal digital assistant. As a mobile phone, it can be used to make phone calls, update contact list, personal calendar and task list. With technology enhancements, its role as a personal digital assistant will help to create access of electronic email, web pages and Microsoft applications. Thus, it infiltrating the corporate world and making employees more productive.

The objectives of this report are to promote Smartphone to the organization. We are to show how Smartphone can help to promote job efficiency to their employee. In additional, it also includes the recommendation for the organization to enhance online application software in Smartphone for the users and advertise the awareness of the organization.

Summary Review of the Smartphone

Review of the Smartphone, we know that Smartphone has become more mobility and useful than ever before. It developed into a multi-purpose phone and also assists in the working environment. Smartphone works together with the application software of social networking tools like Facebook. As a result, it has created a demand for Smartphone and the growing interest of population using Smartphone. Hence, organization should associate together with the climate whereby everyone will be depending on new technology into their lifestyle.

Analysis/ Interpretation

According to the article, Smartphone is a symbol of an increasingly mobile and interconnected population. Many people preferred to use their personal Smartphone for work-related interactions, example accessing email and calendar functions....
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