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Topics: Mobile phone, Interpersonal relationship, Loudspeaker Pages: 1 (344 words) Published: May 12, 2013

Nowadays mobile phones are literally invading our lives; from children to THE elderly, almost everybody owns one. Some people take their own device everywhere with them and cannot bear BEING without it. It has eventually become a common habit to be on the phone in every situation, no matter with whom you might be and in which occasion, your loyal “friend” is always with you, ready to ring and make you happy.

This might in some extreme cases affect relationships WITH people, because it is alienating for people and their acquaintances. Women and men in couples might feel pulled apart by their partners who love to be on the phone and have a chat once in a while; just, sometimes, this “while” might last hours. Children might feel abandoned by their parents who might find more interesting and less stressing having a talk on the phone than staying with their kids, playing with them, explaining them things.

Furthermore, mobiles have been told to be THE cause of diseases related to the radio waves they emanate: these illnesses are in many cases fatal and incurable. Many scientific studies have proved that the more YOU ARE on the phone the likelier IT is that YOU ARE going to contract a disease related to the warming up of the part of the body exposed to the waves, that is the head.

On top of that, these waves are usually disturbing other devices that are as useful, if not more, than the mobiles themselves, like, for example, radio stations, TVs, loud speakers and so on - the list is endless.

Despite all of these negative aspects, I still think mobiles are of great use for our society, where we need to exchange information faster day by day and where keeping in touch with others is vital for all of us. A wiser USE of these precious devices might solve many problems without having to get rid of our “friend”, even though keeping it switched off, sometimes, might make our lives more interesting, for us and for others.
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