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  • Published : May 6, 2013
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Cellphone has become a necessity for my daily life. I can’t live a day without cellphone. Cell phones have a huge social impact on American society these days. It made our life easy and fast. The cellular phone is an essential tool of communication today, which has changed the way I live. This invention allows me to communicate faster, contact people constantly, enjoy Internet service and even be entertained.

Cellphone is an easy and fast way to communicate. I can contact with my family members or friends at anytime from anywhere. It is a cheapest way to communicate with my families in back home. I can easily contact with my parents when I’m outside and let them know where I am. I can also communicate with people through texting. Texting allows me to send and receive messages quickly without having to have a whole conversation. I can text anyone from anywhere. I can call my work if I don’t know my schedule or they can call me if I need to work extra hours.

Cellphone is a part of my everyday day life. I use my cellphone in my daily lives and also on emergencies. I can use Internet on my phone and check my emails. I can easily pay my phone and also some other bills online. I make my doctor appointments on phone and whenever I need I can send message to my doctors. I can check the weather on my phone. I use the GPS on my phone if I get lost. I have a camera on my phone which I use everyday. I can take pictures at anytime so I don’t need to carry my digital camera everywhere. I can send and receive pictures right away phone has calendar, calculator and alarm which I use everyday.

Another way in, which the cellular has made, my life different from long ago is through the Internet service it offers. I can send emails or receive them; I can even do this while travelling. I can visit websites where I obtain information on various issues advertise our business popularity has also grown on Facebook especially among the younger ones who spend hours online...
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