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  • Published: May 3, 2013
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Alberto Rueda
English 102
Mrs. Walk
14 April 2011
“Smartphone, an Indispensable Tool”
Many times when we are out of our home or office and have to send an e-mail or do any task you may feel desperate for not possessing the right tools for the job, but when we use our portable devices with adequate up to date software and to carry out what we need to have a more comfortable and effective life. In general, mobile devices have many functions that help us to have access to tools on the go, which also are becoming better today, having office tools, quick Internet access, and a whole multimedia library into a single device, mediated with an operating system with the necessary capabilities to perform the required tasks, this is why Smartphone are not a luxury item but a necessary tool for modern life.

Everybody has busy lives and at the same time they have multiples duties at once for different reasons, such as people attend school and they get a bunch of homework or they have to develop some office project. The Mobile phone operation system counts with the office tools, which help to realize the duty in question while waiting to be called at the hospital waiting room or may be while traveling to certain point. For example, the Windows Phone 7 operating system has the Office Mobile tool in which Word documents can be created in a similar way as in a computer, but without having to be in front of a voluminous device. As Kurt Schiller says in his article about mobile office: Not long ago, people spoke of the mobile office when referring to lap-top-toting executives who kept tabs on the home office from hotel rooms and Internet cafes. But since the advent of smartphones, the term is taking on a whole new meaning. Today's mobile office could be on a train, in a conference hall, or even on a street corner. Users can access key documents via a Smartphoneor tablet and stay in the loop, as long as they have the right software(Schiller par. 3).

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