Mobile Operating Systems

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Overview of Mobile Operating Systems Today
Samuel Echevarria
Lee University
February 29, 2012

The paper discusses the importance of mobile operating systems in today’s world, while also giving a brief overview of the important mobile OS’s that are popular in the US. Advantages and disadvantages are analyzed within each mobile OS and will give an insight as to which mobile OS caters to a user’s or business need. This is done by evaluating the smartphone market (market share, hardware sales, etc.) and comparing each mobile OS to determine which one provides the best features and customization that’ll cater to each user’s needs.

Overview of Mobile Operating Systems Today
The purpose of this research paper is to provide a basic overview of what a mobile operating system is and the different options available to choose from. Many issues arise when determining which mobile OS is the best for each user, such as security issues, availability of apps, compatibility with other hardware, etc. These are all fundamental aspects to consider when choosing what mobile OS someone would want to invest in when choosing their smartphone of choice. The most popular mobile OS’s are developed specifically for smartphones, while other feature-rich phones use stripped down mobile version of an OS that doesn’t provide as many features and capabilities as more advanced mobile operating systems. These higher end mobile operating systems that we will be focusing on are iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry, and webOS. While there does exist a greater variety of mobile operating systems, the following operating systems are the main OS’s that exist in the United States and around the world. What is a mobile operating system? How do you know which mobile OS is the best one to fit the specific needs of a user or business? Those questions will hopefully be answered by analyzing the mobile OS industry and what each mobile OS has to offer in terms of features, capabilities, and the availability of services within the OS. The Smartphone Market Today

Over the last few years, companies have taken the initiative to make mobility a strong focus among modern day uses. And smartphones have become a prime target to dry and develop for to achieve top market share over the competition. Mobile operating systems is an industry that is in its growth cycle, making it more and more enticing for companies to enter the market. There are a couple manufacturer-built operating systems, which is Apple’s iOS operating system, RIM’s Blackberry OS, and HP’s webOS. Third party propriety operating systems consist of Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7, and a few open-sourced operating systems are Google’s Android OS, etc. (Haroon, 2011) The Importance of Mobile Operating Systems

In America, the importance and significance of what mobile operating system you are using has become more and more of a topic of discussion. Many tech sites and blog sites are comparing the top mobile OS and providing a side by side comparison to determine which the best one is. But the bottom line is, each mobile OS provides great features and has been polished and developed over many versions throughout the years that each one ends up being a good OS. It all ends up to what the user want, and what specific needs the user requires that is met by the right mobile OS. Around the globe, “IDC say 157.8 million smartphones sold worldwide in Q4 2011, bringing the total for the year to 491.4 million units.” (Haroon, 2011) The first Apple iOS version was released with the iPhone in 2007. The OS’s intuitive and easy to use ability has given the OS the competitive advantage and its features. The first iteration of iOS lacked many features that other smartphone operating systems had but Apple quickly began to develop more and more features that customers requested, like copy & paste, tethering, etc. Blackberry is developed by RIM and has been a tremendous success throughout the business world, and...
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