Mobile Marketing for Chick-Fil-a

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Special Chick-fil-A Edition

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Welcome to the Future of Marketing Your Business

Keeping up with marketing your business can seem frustrating, especially when it comes to technology. For most business owners the days of placing an ad in the local newspaper and surpassing your return of investment by large amounts are all but gone. If you’re in a bricks and mortar store you may have found your foot fall decrease over the last few years but your bills seem to be increasing. If you’re searching for ways to get your business noticed you may have turned to the internet. It makes a lot of sense these days to get social online and web ready. Millions of searches happen online daily for local services and products; so much so that having a website is almost a given in business marketing. But I’m here to tell you there is something way more powerful than having a website. It’s so powerful that some major multibillion dollar companies have invested huge amounts of money in it and guess what? They’re making it all back again, tenfold. They’re not alone either. There’s many small to medium businesses all over the world who are now tapping into this power tool of promotion. Their customers love it too – because honestly, it’s so convenient for them in today’s world where everyone needs something yesterday. In this report I’m going to explain why mobile websites are very much the driving force in business marketing success. Without one (and I hate to use this cliché but its true) you’re leaving a whole heap of money on the table.

Your Business Prospects
Before I tell you all about mobile marketing I want to first discuss what most people looking for services and products want in this day and age. Back in the day, many of us used to rely on classified ads in papers or the yellow pages, walk-in customers and word-of-mouth to get our businesses noticed. But with the invention of the internet and more vendors using popular search engines to find what they need, it became very apparent that people could search for what they wanted, read reviews online and make the choice of whether to purchase or not. By using the internet everything got quicker and much more convenient for prospects to get information. Nothing has really changed with that because people are still using the internet to research and purchase, and with the introduction of coupon sites the average prospect is only too willing to take advantage of internet offers. But there is a new breed of prospect now. This group is gaining pace with the invention of Smartphones. These customers don’t want to turn on their computers on a regular basis anymore. They simply want to pick up their mobile phones and find information. In fact, some hardly use their computers anymore for searching out the best deals on services and products. Wi-Fi and mobile browsing packages have changed the game of marketing and sales dramatically. But how do I know all this? Well, I’m going to share with you some statistics which prove that Smartphones are here to stay and that consumers are taking full advantage of them in order to get what they want.

Smartphone Statistics and Forecasts
It’s very important that you take these findings on board because they highlight just how fast the Smartphone market is growing and also how much people are using...
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