Mobile Marketing

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Mobile Marketing

What is Mobile Marketing?
Mobile Marketing is a set of practices that enables organizations to communicate and engage with their audience in an interactive and relevant manner through any mobile device or network. -Mobile Marketing Association-

Mobile Marketing Methods
SMS MMS Infrared Bluetooth Proximity Systems Mobile Web Marketing In-Game Mobile Marketing Location-Based Services(LBS)

Mobile Marketing via SMS
Short Message Service(SMS) is the earliest method of Mobile Marketing. Started in 2000 after 6 years from the launch of SMS. Still provides 90% of the Mobile Marketing revenue. Also a form of Viral Marketing. Currently worth $29 billion.

Mobile Marketing via Bluetooth
Started around 2003 in Europe Bluetooth hotspots High speed data transfer Free of charge

Mobile Marketing via Proximity Systems
Also known as Proximity Marketing. relies on GSM 03.41 (SMS-CB). Allows mobile users in a specific geographical area to be broadcasted with messages.

Mobile Web Marketing
Advertising on web pages specifically meant for access by mobile devices. The Mobile Marketing Association provides a set of guidelines and standards that give the recommended format of ads, presentation, and metrics used in reporting.

LocationLocation-Based Services
Offered by the cell phone networks. Uses GPS chips or radiolocation and trilateration. WiMAX technology being used to provide more user controlled LBS.

Response for Mobile ADs
In UK, France and Germany, 45% of consumers noticed mobile advertising and 29% of these responded to it. Of those that responded to the ads, in Germany 49%, UK 47% and in France 22% went on to make a purchase. France -21% from SMS Germany- 27% from mobile web Ads UK- 40% from SMS -The MMA and Lightspeed Research-

Statistics of mobile ad formats In 2011
In USA, Messaging (US$327 million) Display (US$202 million) Search(US$185 million) Video (US$28 million)

LBS user base will grow globally from 96...
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