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Mobile Marketing Session 6
Mobile Couponing Idrinks – Diageo Spain

Jan. 28 - 2013

•  In 2008 Diageo Spain wanted to raise loyalty as a strategy to retain actual consumers within their 3 traditional brands: •  •  •  •  •  Johnnie Walker J&B Cacique

Mobile dreams created a mobile coupons campaign for Diageo. Objectives: Drive traffic to bars, Loyalty generation and Increasing of Diageo`s brands frequency consumption. This integrated campaign used web, SMS, MMS, 2D-mobile coupons and scanners machines to create a whole idrink experience. First users subscribed to and then received a 2D coupon in their mobile phone each week; When these mobile coupons were scanned using a machine at the participating bars they were converted to “clearing coupons”, redeemable at the bar for vouchers to participate in sweepstakes and point accumulation program.


Advantages & keys of success
This campaign offers the brand 3 unusual and very successful properties: Behavioral study and Data Base creation: The innovative system allows the brand to create a database of high targeted consumers (bars visitors) and a broad understanding of consumer`s behaviors. Long term communication Channel: More than a campaign mobile dream has created a system that benefits the brand with a one to one channel of interaction which in turn can be sustainable in the long term instead of be a one shot campaign. This method replace an app couponing system with the advantage of being able for any user`s mobile technology. Retailer facilities: Much of the success of the coupon campaign lies in the program offered to retailers and the benefits that they perceived from it, in the case of driving traffic is by sure a huge benefit for bar owners as well as an easy system by means of machines with scanners to redeem having in mind that a busy bartender doesn’t have much time to deal with redemption programs.

Success Drivers
  Targeted and Focused communication: •  Only Diageo DB users and inside Bars registration   Opt in: •  Brand is not perceived as intrusive because permissions are solicited trough web site platform   Ubiquitous convenience •  QR codes trough MMS and SMS facilitate the redemption because cellphone is permanently with consumers   Surprising and Innovative •  QR codes and Scanner Machines are very attractive and new on 2008


  Hardware •  Real time redemption generated trough idrink machines at the bar represent easiness for both parties; Consumers that can avoid to show the mobile in a crowed bar and bartenders that easily deal with “Clearing Coupons” instead of different mobiles and redemptions software.   Sweepstakes & Points program •  This 2 tactics generate value and attract consumers to the promotion.


  Manual Clearing Given to the characteristics of the businesses the best way to account redemptions and clearing process is with the physical “clearing coupons” that can be treated as receipt

Couponing process of IDrinks

What about MMA's Couponing Guidelines?
Being successful is the summary of different well executed tasks and idrinks Diageo`s Case is a good example:

•  Approval obtained trough website opt in •  Terms and conditions given by means of registration’s site •  Well designed “Clearing coupons” with a clear offer, expiration dates, and hostesses for process explanation •  A dedicated web site with all the information about the sweepstakes, Face values and conditions •  2D QR Codes Usage •  Tailored hardware and easy manual clearing process for bar businesses

What about Opt in tactic?
Keep a constant sense of transparency on customers treatment allow brands to gain their trust in return. On Diageo’s Campaign we can see a well-implemented opt in execution: •  Trough the Email campaign people from Diageo’s DB gave their approval to receive or not commercial SMS and MMS •  In this case an important point is having age restrictions; so brand...
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