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1. 1 Abstract
One of the fastest growing industries in Malaysia is the mobile communications industry. It not only reaches a mass audience, it also gives companies the opportunity to attract customers anytime and anywhere and delivers their message to the people. Marketing through mobile involves three entities the consumer, mobile device and the retailer. The study here is focused on the increased influence of Mobile marketing on retail industry of Malaysia. The entire Mobile marketing is becoming increasingly important in retailing. Due to the time sensitive and location-sensitive nature of the mobile medium and devices, Mobile marketing has the potential to change the paradigm of retailing. In this research work I have also conducted literature review of the concept and have shown the increased evidence also, I have also discussed how the mobile revolution has changed the marketing industry and the future is not too distant when every messages sent or advertisement made for mobile may be unique for each mobile number based on the recipient, thus each message is customized for the customer according to their needs. 1.2 Introduction

Technology innovation and its acceptance have always brought boom for some industry; same has been brought by the mobile industry to the marketing industry. The mobile penetration in Malaysia is 129.2% in 2012 (MCMC, 2012) thus if any marketing is done through mobile it reaches to the entire population of the country. Mobile marketing involves a two or multi way communication and there is a promotion of an offer by the firm to the customer who uses a mobile which is medium; device; channel or technology and it has its importance in the retail environment. Mobile marketing has the potential to change the paradigm of retailing from one based on consumers entering the retailing environment to retailers entering the consumer’s environment through anytime, anywhere mobile devices. The other technology innovation like television and newspaper had also given a big trend change to the marketing industry, but this different from the mobile as mobile is a constant companion of the user. The mobile is considered as extremely personal and not shared by anyone else and it gives the marketer to reach every individual customer thus it is ideal supplementary channel for virtual e-tailing and physical retailing (Neslin, 2006; Neslin& Shankar, 2009; Zhang, 2010). 1.3 Statement of the problem

The study conducted here is focused on the research on Increased Influence of Mobile marketing on Retail Industry in Malaysia. Thus the study consists of major three entities on which this marketing is dependent the mobile, the consumer and the retailer. Thus the major research question is as below Primary Objective: The Influence of Mobile marketing on Retail Industry in Malaysia With the emergence of internet services on mobile the mobile commerce has also emerged simultaneously and the smart phones have given the users with multiple other opportunities to explore in the field. The influence of Mobile marketing is increasing in every industry the problem here is just spam sent on mobile could be even negative marketing for the company. Here I will be discussing on the effective mobile marketing strategy and some aspects of possible negative marketing causes. This primary objective could be further dissected into multiple secondary objectives which will help us to understand the phenomena of Mobile marketing and then its impact on the retail industry. The secondary objectives are discussed as below. 1.4 Research questions

The role of the research questions is to make clear that the answers to these questions ensure the fulfilment of the research objective. These questions are those things which I ask to us when I start researching about the objective, and I try to ask as many questions to ourselves as possible as that shapes our research further. When I read on a research objective I keep asking us different angles...
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