Mobile Mania

Topics: Mobile phone, Text messaging, Cellular network Pages: 13 (4451 words) Published: November 3, 2010

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Introduction------------------------------------------------------------------------- 4 Summary---------------------------------------------------------------------------- 5 Chart of illustration---------------------------------------------------------------- 7 Survey report-----------------------------------------------------------------------8 Mobile mania----------------------------------------------------------------------- 9 Advantages of mobile--------------------------------------------------------------10 Cell phone helps in dealing with crimes---------------------------------------10.1 Cell phone helps in emergency situation-------------------------------------- 11 Symptoms of mobile addiction------------------------------------------------- 12 Cell phone and student pocket money----------------------------------------- 13 Mobile phone as a fashion------------------------------------------------------- 14 Mobile is damaging professionalism------------------------------------------- 15 Attractive packages of mobile networks--------------------------------------- 16 Text message flirtation----------------------------------------------------------- 17 Cell phone as source of revenge------------------------------------------------- 18 Conclusion------------------------------------------------------------------------- 20 Recommendations---------------------------------------------------------------- 21 Appendix--------------------------------------------------------------------------- 22 Bibliography----------------------------------------------------------------------- 23


In this report we have discussed about that how mobile is affecting the lives of the people either positively or negatively. Mobile phone is the best tool for communication. We can talk at a distance of thousand miles. But we have made it very harmful for ourselves by misusing it. In this project report we have worked on those particular issues of mobile phone which we think are important to discuss. For example we talked about that how cell phone is diverting our attention from our obligations? How cell phone is damaging professionalism? How it is negatively affecting the personalities grooming of children? We have also studied that how this thing is prompting the flirtation and blackmailing. And how it is causing the money and time wastage? and how the attractive packages offered by the advanced network services are making the mobile usage more attractive and engaged the people in talking day and night, and the mobile addiction also has psychological effects on people.


We all know that in today world mobile phone holds prime importance in every one’s life. Mobile phone is very effective and efficient source of voice and data communication all over the world. Additional services of mobile phone, and accessories, such as SMS for text messaging, email, packet switching for access to the Internet, gaming, Bluetooth, infrared, camera with video recorder and MMS for sending and receiving photos and video, MP3 player and radio have make it more attractive. In this report we have discussed that how mobile phone is making crazy the young generation. Everybody either he is a child, young or an old person is crazy for the new, attractive and expensive handsets. We made questionnaires to know the views of different age group people that how this device is providing the benefits to the people and what are its disadvantages and we got different views. This device provides the benefits of storing the phonebook entries, and allowed the users to check date or time and to listen music and play games for entertainment. Now it is also possible to use cell phones for a number of other purposes too, such as for checking your mails, for using the internet, or as a mini laptop, with almost all necessary features of the computer included in it. Cell phones also tend to play a vital role in helping in...
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