Mobile Health in Century

Topics: Country code top-level domain, Health informatics, EHealth Pages: 4 (1143 words) Published: March 27, 2013
The background of Mobile Health (m-health)
Mobile .device .is .as .mobile .phones, .patient .monitoring .devices, .personal .digital .assistants .and .other .wireless .devices.. .This .new .area .of .mobile .health .now .often .called .simply .“.m.- .health.”— .has .the .potential .to .be .a .transformative .force.. .M.- .health .has .the .potential .to .change .when., .where., .and .how .healthcare .is .provided.; .to .ensure .that .important .social., .behavioral., .and .environmental .data .are .used .to .understand .the .determinants .of .health.; .and .to .improve .health .outcomes.. .1 .The .m.- .health .builds .on .medical .and .clinical .research., .behavioral .theory., .human .computer .interaction., .sensing .technology., .mobile .systems., .and .statistical .inference..

The factors of the m-health success
With m-health in use today widely operated in many countries, there are more concerns about how the e-health success and sustainably developing in future. There are some factors of the success in various fields.

1.Evidence base-case study
There is obvious fact that is well .on .track .towards .attaining .its .goal .of .reaching .1 .million .target .by .2012. The project named Text4Baby, .a .free .mobile .text .service .sponsored .by .Johnson. & .Johnson .in .the .United States of America. The 1 million mothers are the target for the practical-based investigate. On the other words, the world wide workshop in .national .and .global .scientists, .policymakers, .health professionals, .technologists, .and .representatives .from .regulatory .and .funding .agencies .gathered .on August 16, 2011 .for .the .m-health .Evidence .Workshop .to .discuss .and .identify .more .effective .methods .to .generate evidence .of .efficacy .and .effectiveness .for .the .emerging .science .of .m-health. .The .conclusion .of .the meeting .was .that .there .is .need .to .enhance .the .scientific .foundations. With .Evaluation .methods .that .incorporate .principles...
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