Mobile Health Clinic Essay

Topics: Medicine, Las Vegas metropolitan area, Hospital Pages: 1 (296 words) Published: September 24, 2012
Mobile Health Clinic Rolling Along in Vegas

Dr. Jason Burke has found a new, innovative way to open a medical practice in Las Vegas. It’s been termed the “Hangover Heaven”, a way for tourists to rejuvenate themselves after a night of binging. The ethics of the new practice is controversial; many are questioning if this is a way to promote drinking and irresponsibility. The medical van can come to your beckoning call within an hour to aid with the side of effects after a night of partying. In order to alleviate the side effects such as wooziness, headaches and heartburn patients would receive a basic IV solution with Vitamins B and C. The drugs of choice would be Ketorolac, Toradol, Zofran and Ondansetron. Dr. Burke also states that the mobile practice follows guidelines and takes a proper medical history, and if there are any doubts or alerts patients are referred to an emergency room. It is also within guidelines that patient not be pregnant, not have had a drink within two hours of their visit and all drunken walk-ins are turned away. It is common knowledge that a majority of visitors traveling to Vegas are interested in drinking and gambling. The irony is that the city also has record high dry heat where visitors are at high risk for dehydration and heat strokes. Even though individuals will probably be accessing this medical device as a way to enjoy the rest of their vacation they are also rehydrating and replenishing their bodies of necessary nutrients. As long as ethics and proper medical history is being taken it seems like Dr. Burke has found a great innovative way to aid tourists.
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