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This chapter is all about the proposed mobile game Fizz Trivia with its purpose, objectives, and scope.

1 Project Context

The study focuses on promoting the Philippine Tourist spots through making a puzzle game Fizz Trivia.

1 Introduction

Nowadays mobile game is popular due to many people can afford mobile phones or anything that can run an application games. The mobile games are most likely one of the great technological triggers for future change. Mobile games nowadays have infiltrated every aspect of our society, and now they do much more than simply game. With the ever- increasing processing and graphical capabilities of latest mobile games and console products, along with an increase in user expectations, game design moved beyond the scope of a single developer to produce a game in a reasonable time.

2 Background of the Study

Philippines is currently using the slogan “It’s more fun in the Philippines” to promote the tourism of the country. Just recently, the Department of Tourism said it spent P63 million to buy spots for the campaign’s television advertisements on CNN, which will be aired in Asia, Europe and the United States. The campaign has, indeed, gone a long way from its social media success, where different versions of the slogan were posted by Internet users here and abroad. According to Tourism Secretary Ramon Jimenez Jr., its newest campaign was a hit because it is “simple,” “easy to remember” and “closest to the truth.” The man behind this campaign, David Guerrero, hopes that the “It’s more fun in the Philippines” slogan would boost the country’s tourism numbers, which pale in comparison to its Southeast Asian neighbors such as Malaysia, Thailand and Singapore. The researchers come up with the idea to help promote the Philippine Tourism through making a game. The campaign is doing great but we are still not in the top. Fizz Trivia may help improve our tourism by entertaining other people and giving them information about the Philippine landmarks as well.

2 Purpose and Description

Fizz Trivia is a 2D strategic game which allows us to play and familiarize with different tourist spots in the Philippines as early as young age. It is inspired by the DOT (Department of Tourism) campaign “It’s More Fun in the Philippines”. The aim of the study is to make the user enjoy and learn at the same time, for the game is designed with educational purposes. It is also made for the user’s alertness. It helps the user to gain knowledge in Philippine Landmarks from the trivia given in the game.

3 Objectives

The main aim of the study is to assess the practicality and suitability of using the Fizz Trivia as a tool to introduce the Philippine Landmarks for the players to be familiar with it and to promote the Philippine Tourist Spots. • To test the player’s alertness

• To give some enjoyment to the players through playing the game. • To make a useful game and gain knowledge from the trivia as well

4 Scope and Limitations

The researchers will create a mobile game for user’s entertainment. The game is composed of three levels which are the easy, average and difficult level. It has a tutorial that covers on how to play the game in each level as well as how does the game time is deducted. This game is only applicable for Android...
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