Mobile Devices in the Workplace.

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Mobile devices in the Workplace.

1. List as many mobile form factors as you can: MP3/MP4 players, Mobile phones in various styles Bar, Clamshell, Flip down, Slide or Swivel. The iphone and android based systems are the two most popular and widely used today. Tablets in various sizes, 7’’ and 10’’ being the most popular. Netbooks and the new Windows 8 transformer laptops that can be used a tablet. 2. Which devices may have built in security options? Most mobile devices let you set up a password to protect the device from unauthorized use. Many smart phones also lock the SIM card with a pass code. My Note II can encrypt files and the SD cards contents. A few tablets are also able to encrypt the whole device. Trusted credentials and certificates are required to download apps and excess an network. On my android Asus tablet I have set up Device administrators and their permissions. Laptops and netbooks usually come with a firewall installed within the OS along with many of the previously mentioned security options listed above. 3. List reasons organizations may be concerned about employee use of mobile devices: Many of the mobile devices in a company’s /organization are personal owed devices. They have no way of knowing if the device is safe. The device could infect the network or be used to bring the network down by a disgruntle employee. Mobile devices can be a distraction in the work place and keep an employee from doing his/her job in a productive matter. 4. Generate a list of risk migration strategies to protect sensitive data on mobile devices: Below are a few guidelines to follow when deciding to migrate data from any mobile device. A. Back up data

B. Platform and Operating System Upgrades - Upgrading compatibility tests. C. Software Conversions - Converting applications, and code base (language) migrations D. Memory upgrades (laptops and Netbooks)

E. Encryption key backup- important if you backup data and retrieve data...
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