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Topics: Health care, Health care provider, Wireless Pages: 4 (1427 words) Published: April 22, 2013
With the advancements in modern technology and its introduction in the health care arena, there is no arguing the use of mobile devices and wireless technology can certainly provide significant benefits. This is especially true as not only can it make possible better communication among healthcare personnel, it can also afford providers the opportunity to spend more time administering care to their patients. Essentially these new and emerging technologies promise to improve the quality of health care by making it more personalized, while at the same reducing medical errors as well as reducing costs. Indeed more and more healthcare providers are rapidly deploying IT systems to dramatically change their business processes, create new opportunities, and reduce costs. While the adoption of these technologies offers a wide range of benefits and offer the opportunity to gain a competitive advantage, it also introduces new risks into the environment, the kind that must be managed accordingly, especially considering that failures in health-care can often prove life threatening, This paper will examine the risks inherent to the use of wireless and mobile technologies, analyze and develop factors for mitigating those risks, as well as provide some recommendations aimed at addressing them effectively as they relate to healthcare. As with any other form of technology, there are risks involved and mobile wireless technology is no exception, regardless of the setting in which it is being employed. I sometimes wonder why the topic I happen to find of the utmost importance - when it comes to Information Systems Technology- does not constantly make the headlines: security. Without a doubt, a thorough analysis of mobile technology should never exclude, let alone minimize the security aspect associated with sharing information. Despite steady progress in trying to secure user hardware, operating systems, and applications, malware seems to be able to find ways to spoil the joy...
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