Mobile Computing

Topics: Mobile phone, Smartphone, Laptop Pages: 4 (1522 words) Published: February 4, 2013
Artificial Intelligence
Laurie Tyszko
Inf 103: Computer Literacy
Instructor: ray Schafer
November 23, 2012

Mobile Computing
Mobile computing is dramatically changing our day-to-day lives, especially with the popularity of small devices such as personal digital assistants (PDAs). Mobile Computing is technology that allows transmission of data, via a computer, without having to be connected to a fixed physical link. Let me take you through the fast growing technology of computing from laptops, netbooks, portable devices, cell phones, smart cards, tablets, and all of the systems and applications such as android, cloud, gps, google, etc.

Laptops were introduced during the 1980’s they were not as powerful as a desktop computer. Today, however, that has changed. They run the same programs, and are controlled by the same operating systems. All of them have Wi-Fi connectivity. A netbook is smaller than a laptop, and easier to carry around. This does everything a laptop does, and when you are away from home you can connect back to your home PC or business network. Computers are getting smaller, more powerful, and less expensive in this fast growing world of technology. The computer we walk around with can access a world of information at the click of a button, tell you the exact location on earth, and make phone calls. There are two portable devices that are very popular. The E-Reader, and Amazon Kindle. The E-Reader does not have Wi-Fi, but uses 3g wireless. It can hold 1500 books in its internal memory and can go a full week without a battery charge. It also lets you check your email for free. The Kindle can read word files and PDF. It’s being integrated into online education courses. Using the Kindle reduces textbook costs and also is more environmentally conscious because e-books require no paper (U.S. News and World Report, 2009).

During the 1990’s, two technological developments were popular. First were cell phones and their service plans. By the end...
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