Mobile Computing

Topics: Computer, Smartphone, Google Pages: 6 (1571 words) Published: January 20, 2013
Carlos Hilado Memorial State College
Alijis-Campus, Bacolod City, Negros Occidental


A Research
Presented to the
Faculty of
Carlos Hilado Memorial State College

Engr. Neil Gabriel Esgra


This research is presented in partial fulfilment of the requirements for the Bachelor of Science in Information Technology

Pacesola, Jesse Mae
Lajaolajao, Rein Hearte
Amihan, Arly Jane
Donasco, Merryl
Garilva, Hannylyn
Sarturio, Emee Rose
Ebro, Marilou

Table of Contents

Chapter 1
* Abstract ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ iii * Introduction ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- iv Chapter II

* Review of Related Literature --------------------------------------------------------- v Chapter III
* Methodology ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- viii Chapter IV
* Conclusion ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ix Bibliography ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ x

Chapter 1


Mobile computing offers significant benefits for organizations that choose to integrate the technology into their fixed organizational information system. Mobile computing is made possible by portable computer hardware, software, and communications systems that interact with a non-mobile organizational information system while away from the normal, fixed workplace. Mobile computing is a versatile and potentially strategic technology that improves information quality and accessibility, increases operational efficiency, and enhances management effectiveness. A detailed analysis, supported by selective presentation of published literature, is used to elucidate and support these asserted benefits of mobile computing. Additionally, a set of inquiring called the MOBILE framework is developed. The MOBILE framework assists information technology professionals in achieving the stated benefits of mobile computing by defining the types of problems, opportunities, and directives that are best addressed through mobile computing technology. Using mobile systems in urban systems is a research subject, which was addressed in the last year by several research projects and research papers. Thus, the research field of mobile systems in urban systems becomes more complex and more diversified. In such a situation and analyzing look at the research work done so far can provide valuable insights. Hence, in this paper a work in progress for a review of literature regarding the design, use and impact of mobile systems in urban systems will be presented. In this review a verbal approach will be used, which will be based on a reference framework. This reference framework will be mainly designed with respect to the research methods and research questions applied respectively discussed in the evaluated literature, so that in the end of the review conclusions regarding future research questions in the field of mobile and urban systems can be drawn.


Android technology is a type of OSS (open source software), which is a type of software readily available with a source code that isn’t held exclusive by copyright laws.  Android is made especially for mobile devices and includes: software that provides common services for computer applications, middleware, which lets multiple applications run at the same time or connect, and many other key applications like social networking, games, and business modules.  Android is modeled after Linux kernel, the first operating system of free and open-source software.  However, Android is moving to increase the number of people with web access via mobile devices (cell phones). In August of 2005, Google purchased the original software developer of...
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