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Mobile Computing

By | Jan. 2008
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Dear Students Society prepares the crime: The criminal commits it AoA,

Topics for MID TERM EXAM

1. Structured Programming
1.a. Control Structures (CS)
1. Sequence (CS)
2. Selection (CS)
3. Repetition CS
counter control repetition
sentinel control repetition
1.b. Operators
unary, binary, ternary, assignment, compound assignment 1.c. methods
method definition, method invocation, method overloading 1.d. Array
1.e. Passing Arrays to methods and returning arrays form methods

2. Object Oriented Programming
2.1. Concept of Objects and their attributes and behaviors 2.2. Objects and Classes
2.3. Abstraction
2.4. Abstract Data Types
2.5. Information Hiding
2.6. Composition
2.7. Inheritance
2.8. Constructors
Overloading Constructors, calling overloaded constructors calling parent class consturctors 2.9. Access Modifiers ( public, protected, private ) 2.10. Modifiers ( static, final, abstract, transient, native ) 2.11. Creating simple objects by calling class constructors 2.11. Creating Arrays of Objects

2.12. Passing objects to methods, Returning objects from methods, 2.13. Passing Array of Objects to methods and returning array of objects from methods 2.14. Call by reference vs call by value

2.15 Objects Vs Reference Variables
2.16. Garbage Collection, allocation and deallocation of memory 2.17 Polymorphism ( case studies. pay roll system, shape ) 2.18 Abstract Classes, Concrete Classes and Interfaces 2.19. Method overriding

2.20. this, super, this ( ) , super ( ) usage
2.21 Object Casting and Conversion


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