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Mobile Computing and Social Networking
Mobile Computing and Social Networking

May 20th 2012


Mobile computing has become a fixture in our everyday lives. As of today, people throughout the world can use their mobile devices to do anything that they would normally do on a laptop or a personal computer. At this point, there are no foreseeable bounds where mobile technology is concern. The healthcare industry is now realizing this fact and has decided to implement mobile technology within their industry. While still in the early stages of implementing mobile technology within the healthcare industry, there are many things to consider, and questions to ask. Within this paper, I will answer such questions as patient information accuracy, security issues, advantages and disadvantages of using a mobile device and the impact the social media has within the healthcare industry.

Distinguish between patient self monitoring using mobile computing technology to inpatient visits to the doctor or hospital

As technology continues to penetrate our daily lives, all forms of business have decided to take advantages of this phenomenon; from manufacturing to healthcare. Patients now possess the ability to monitor their vital signs using mobile technology, instead of travelling to clinics and hospitals to visit doctors. “In the past few years, the technology landscape has been drastically changed by the proliferation of consumer-focused mobile computing devices. These devices, primarily smart phones and mobile tablets, are a new type of platform – less power than laptops and workstations, but with more functionality and connectivity than traditional phones and personal digital assistants (PDAs)” (Himss 2011). There are some things to consider when both patients and doctors are involved with mobile technology. One will compare and contrast patients monitoring vital signs using mobile technology to impatient visits to the doctor’s office or hospital using the following criteria:

* Accuracy of information giving to patients using mobile technology versus patients receiving this information from doctor visits and hospitals

* Response time from using mobile technology versus waiting in clinics and hospitals for vital signs

* Corrective action needed based on the results of mobile computing versus the correction action the doctor would recommend to take

Accuracy of information

It is vital for anyone to receive accurate information when it comes to their personal health. One thing that doctors have on their side is the years of experience they possess when it comes to diagnosing symptoms and illness that they have witnessed and cured throughout their careers. Patients now possess the ability to check vital signs in the privacy of their own home, or abroad. “A team led by Ki Chon, professor and head of biomedical engineering at WPI, has developed a smart phone application that can measure not only heart rate, but also heart rhythm, respiration rate and blood oxygen saturation using the phone's built-in video camera. The new app yields vital signs as accurate as standard medical monitors now in clinical use” (Cohen 2011). Hospitals and doctors’ clinics have begun to use mobile technology within their facilities to aid in healthcare. “To test for accuracy, volunteers at WPI donned the standard monitoring devices now in clinical use for measuring respiration, pulse rate, heart rhythm, and blood oxygen content. Simultaneously, the volunteers pressed a finger onto the camera of a Motorola Droid phone. While all devices were recording, the volunteers went through a series of breathing exercises while their vital signs were captured. Subsequent analysis of the data showed that Chon's new smart phone monitor was as accurate as the traditional devices” (Cohen 2011).

Response time from using mobile technology versus waiting in clinics and hospitals for vital signs

Patients using mobile technology will have their...
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