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  • Published : February 7, 2012
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Barista Lavazza Hawaiian Summers Menu Campaign
By AliveNow

• Barista Lavazza launched a new menu for Summer 2011: The Hawaiian Summers Menu. • The primary objective was to promote the new menu on social media and create awareness about the new beverages and eatables on the Hawaiian Summers menu. • Also to engage the fans with an activity and get them more interested in the new range o. • To encourage the fans to spread the word about the menu and Barista Lavazza.


HAWAIIAN SUMMERS MENU TAB • The first step was to inform and educate, so we created a really nice menu on the Barista Lavazza Facebook page. • Users could choose “Food” or “Beverages” and an automatic slideshow of the menu items would begin with names of the items.


The menu had a comment box and a like button, so anyone could discuss by leaving a comment or liking the menu.


Basic Campaigns & promo’s
• Most of the campaigns during the launch period was around the new menu. • An album was created with all the product pictures and descriptions, which was even used for wall posts. • We created a Memory Game application to help users familiarize themselves with the menu and the beverages in a fun and exciting way. • During the launch we also posted beverage as “Drink of the Day” or food as “Treat of the Day” both on Facebook and twitter. • And we finally had a very exciting contest - Treat your friend that is discussed in detail in a few slides. 05

Hawaiian Summers Memory Game!
• We created the Hawaiian Summers Memory Game application on a tab. • Fans have to match the product pairs by flipping different pictures by clicking their mouse. • The scores was in terms of finding all pairs with minimum number of clicks. • You can have a look at the memory game right here:


We also had a basic Photo album on Facebook with images of all the Hawaiian Summers menu so that fans can like, comment, share, etc.


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