Mobile Commerce and Pervasive Computing

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Chapter 10
Mobile Commerce and Pervasive Computing

Learning Objectives

Upon completion of this chapter, you will be able to:
1. Discuss the characteristics and attributes of m-commerce. 2. Describe the drivers of m-commerce.
3. Understand the technologies that support m-commerce.
4. Describe wireless standards and transmission networks. 5. Discuss m-commerce applications in finance, advertising, and providing of content. 6. Describe the applications of m-commerce within organizations. 7. Understand B2B and supply chain applications of m-commerce. 8. Describe consumer and personal applications of m-commerce. 9. Describe some non-Internet m-commerce applications.

10. Describe location-based commerce.
11. Discuss the key characteristics and current uses of pervasive computing. 12. Describe the major inhibitors and barriers of m-commerce.


NextBus: A Superb Customer Service
10.1Mobile Commerce: Overview, Benefits, and Drivers
10.2Mobile Computing Infrastructure
10.3Mobile Financial Applications
10.4Mobile Shopping, Advertising, and Content-Providing
10.5Mobile Intrabusiness and Enterprise Applications
10.6Mobile B2B and Supply Chain Applications
10.7 Mobile Consumer and Personal Service Applications 10.8Location-Based Commerce
10.9 Pervasive Computing
10.10Inhibitors and Barriers of M-Commerce
Managerial Issues
Real-World Case: Hertz Goes Wireless
Answers to Pause/Break Section Review Questions
Section 10.1 Review Questions
* 1.Define m-commerce.
* Mobile commerce is any electronic commerce done in a wireless environment, especially via the Internet. *
* 2.Define the following terms: 3G, PDA, WAP, SMS, GPS, and smartphone.

3G - the third generation of digital wireless technology: supports rich media such as video clips PDA - personal digital assistants: a handheld wireless computer WAP - wireless application protocol: and technology that offers Internet browsing from wireless devices SMS - short message service: a technology that allows for the sending of short text messages on certain cell phones GPS - global positioning system: a satellite based tracking system that enables the determination of a devices location * Smartphone - Internet-enabled cell phone with attached applications *

* 3.List the value-added attributes of m-commerce.
* The value-added attributes of m-commerce include ubiquity, convenience, instant connectivity, personalization, and localization of products and services. *
* 4.List at least five major drivers of m-commerce.
* Drivers of mobile commerce include widespread availability of devices, no need for PC, the handset culture, vendors’ push, declining prices, improvement of bandwidth, and the explosion of EC in general. *

* 5.Briefly describe the key elements of the m-commerce value chain. *
* See Exhibit 10.4.

Section 10.2 Review Questions
* 1.Describe the major hardware devices used for mobile computing. *
* Some of the major hardware devices include cellular telephones, PDAs, interactive pagers, screen phones, e-mail handhelds, and other devices. *
* 2.List the major software items used for mobile computing. *
* Some of the major software applications include microbrowsers, mobile client operating systems, Bluetooth, mobile application user interfaces, back-end legacy applications software, application middleware, and wireless middleware. *

* 3.Describe the major components of a mobile network.
* The major components of a mobile network are the mobile station, the base station controller, the mobile switching station and the fixed telephone infrastructure. *
* 4.Define the terms FDMA, TDMA, and CDMA.
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