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Topics: 3G, GSM, CDMA2000 Pages: 2 (601 words) Published: May 15, 2013
University of Nottingham
Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering
Mobile Communications Project (H64MOC, 10 credits)
Design of a CDMA based mobile communications system

Your report should be around 3000-4000 words and include diagrams and other appropriate data. Your report should be submitted on or before Tues 3rd May 2011. You are reminded that late submission of coursework will result in marks being deducted.

Orange Island is a remote island with one major city, Voda, in the north covering an area of 1500km2 (approximately the size of London) within which there is a densely populated centre of approximately 100km2. The density of users in the city centre is 1000/km2 and in the suburban areas is 100/km2. The rest of the island is sparsely populated with an average number of users of 5/km2.

The Government of Orange Island would like to set up a mobile communications network based on CDMA (code division multiple access) technology and asks you to write a proposal for the structure of the network. There are competing bids to be a service provider. The Government is making available the frequency bands 890-915MHz for the uplink and 935-960MHz for the downlink. The Government are interested in implementing a wireless communication system and would like you to consider 2 options;

1) A voice only network with a required user data rate of 10kbps 2) A voice and data network with a voice user data rate of 10kbps and the data rate for other traffic (e.g. internet data) of 150kbps.

The report should cover the main aspects of a mobile communication system; * Bandwidth requirements of the system
* Cell size and capacity in the different regions to cope with the demands of users * Modulation technique on uplink and downlink
* Error detection and correction methods
* Any other regulatory/business/user requirements that should be considered.

You should justify your choices based on both a literature review and calculations and...
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