Mobile Banking in Bangladesh

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Mobile Banking in Bangladesh


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Mahfuza Khatun Md. Towsif Hossain ID: 20123009 LecturerMasuma KhatunID: 20123013
EMBA Md. Jahirul Islam ID: 20123040
Faculty of Business StudiesMd. Imrul HasanID: 20123071 Jahangirnagar University Md. Giyas UddinID: 20123079

মাসুমা খাতুন

Date of Submission: December 29, 2012

EMBA Program

Faculty of Business Studies

Jahangirnagar University

Mahfuza Khatun
Faculty of Business Studies
Jahangirnagar University

December 29, 2012

Subject: Letter regarding submission of article on “Mobile Banking in Bangladesh”

Dear Mam;

It’s a great pleasure for us to have the opportunity to submit a report on “Mobile Banking in Bangladesh” which has been a great experience for us to work with such a practical & real life issue to analyze. We tried our utmost to make & let it look a professional one. Any shortcomings are expected to have a kind view for our encouragement.

Thank you for your sincere and honest try to let us make easy & get familiar with the term & facts of M-Banking as well as about and Information System to help us to make the paper a successful one.

Our efforts will be valued, if this report can serve for what it’s been meant for & our assistance will be there for any queries.

Truly yours,

Md. Giyas UddinID: 20123079
Md. Imrul HasanID: 20123071
Md. Jahirul Islam ID: 20123040
Masuma KhatunID: 20123013
Md. Towsif Hossain ID: 20123009
Sec-C, Batch-4th



All admiration and praises are solely to “Almighty Allah” whose mercy absolutely enabled us to pursue the study in Faculty of Business Studies and complete the Term paper report work successfully for the compellation of Business Communication course. We expresses Our abysmal respect and deepest sense of gratitude and heartfelt thanks to our most reverend teacher and report supervisor Mahfuza Khatun Lecturer, Faculty of Business Studies, Jahangirnagar University for her efficient guidance, keen interest, timely instruction, valuable advice and continuous encouragement throughout the report work and completion of this report.

Special thanks are also extended to the employee of our selected organization and whose valuable opinion helped us to complete the analysis of the report that helped us to know a deeper knowledge for Managerial Finance Course.


Table of content

TropicPage No
Letter of Transmittali
Table of contentiii
Introduction part
Executive Summary of the Report04
Objective of the report05

Methodology of the Report05
Literature Review06

Introduction of the Report08
Analysis Part
Mobile Banking Background11

Challenges for a Mobile Banking Solution13

History of Mobile Banking in Abroad16

History of Mobile Banking in Bangladesh17...
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