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Bank of America Mobile Application
Christine M. Eggert
July 26, 2012
Shaun vanBergen

Bank of America Mobile Application
In the world today having the ability to stay connected with everyday life anywhere you go is a new commodity is which most are not a costume. “Wireless technology makes location irrelevant, increasing opportunities for businesses through mobile computing and commerce” (Volonino, 2011). Having the option or ability to be able to check your email, invoice bank accounts, follow social networking, and even check school assignments. The purpose of this paper is to go into detail on one of these types of mobile application; the Bank of America mobile application. Some think in order to take advantage of these types of application, you will have to own high end computer gadgets or need an IT degree in order to be able to use or understand them. In reality all you need is a smartphone or tablet. “One of the most useful features of a smartphone or tablet is the ability to run mobile apps. Thousands upon thousands of mobile apps are available for download” (Foltin, 2012). When the Bank of America team came together and created this application, they kept all of these things in mind. The Bank of America mobile application is not only simple and easy to use but is also used to complete a variety of tasks at your fingertips. The Bank of America mobile application looks like the simple Bank of America logo. After tapping the application, you are directed to the login page. First time users log in with their username and then application will then request further information. Due to the fact that the mobile application does not recognize where this information is being request, the user will be require to either call customer service or have a confirmation code sent to the mobile device via a text message. This step is only required once to confirm who and where the user is trying to receive the information, unless the user requests...
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