Mobie Mania

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To provide guidelines on the correct procedures for completion and submission of Research Protocol Applications by Researchers for intended research experiments to be performed on animals.

To provide information on Animal Unit requirements.


Covers the required Documentation, the Research Animal Ethics Committee (RAEC) and its functions, obligations of the Researcher and the functions of the UCT Animal Unit (AU).


An official Protocol Application Form, and submission details, are obtainable from the Secretary of the RAEC at:

Telephone 021 406 6338 Fax 021 406 6411 email :

Researchers are required to complete all sections of this Application Form with sufficient detail to satisfy the RAEC.

The Application Form must be submitted to the Secretary of the RAEC by the stipulated deadline date for submission. An official Reference Number will be assigned to each protocol submitted. This reference number denotes the year and sequential reference number, ie. 2004/001.

No late submissions will be accepted for a specific meeting date, and any late submissions will be carried forward to the following RAEC meeting.

Protocols for review are distributed to the various RAEC members, for preview purposes, prior to a full RAEC meeting.

Each protocol is reviewed by the RAEC panel and may be :

Passed Unconditionally, or
Passed provisionally – more details/explanation required
Rejected – reasons for rejection will be provided to researchers.

Protocols passed Unconditionally – the Chairperson of the RAEC will provide a Letter of Authorization to the researcher and a copy to the AU (which is attached to the accepted protocol) for audit purposes. This Letter of Authorization is the clearance for the researcher to proceed with ordering the required animals...
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