Mob Justice

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  • Published : March 8, 2013
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Mob Justice

Mob Justice is usually a random act of people that would rather take matters into their own hands. Therefore, they do not testify in court, they instead harshly beat the accuser who has committed a crime. Mob justice is happening all over the world in modern time. There is no specific reasoning on this justice because each person has a different way at looking at each case. There are two ways to look at mob justice: Is it right or wrong? Many people all over the world think that this is a fair way to handle the matter because if they don’t do it themselves; then they are not able to rely on the court systems. Who is to say that if mob justice comes in and beats a person for raping someone, then they have or have not physically committed a crime themselves? Saying so, the other remaining people believe it truly is wrong, and it is not a proper way to handle situations under any circumstances. I believe that mob justice is wrong, to a certain criteria that it. I do not think it is appropriate to resolve anything in violence, especially if it can lead to serious damage or death. I’m not necessarily saying that it is right to violate a crime either, but there are times, when people may have too. Such as stealing food to feed your family, etc. The proper thing wouldn’t be to steal, nor would it be proper to physically attack the offender.
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