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Topics: Laborer, Entrepreneurship, Marketing Pages: 7 (1869 words) Published: March 27, 2011
Topic: An investigation into the Factors affecting the Production of Goods and Services at Pastry Palace Bakery. In particular: •Major decisions in Production.
Pricing strategy
Major challenges faced by the Entrepreneur.

The researcher aims to find out how:
The major decisions in production affect Pastry Palace Bakery. •The Pricing Strategy affects the support from consumers. •The major challenges faced by the Entrepreneur.

By the end of this research, the researcher should:
Become aware of how the factors affecting the operations of Pastry Palace impacts on the business. •Understand how these factors could be corrected to aid in the proper functioning of the business. •Understand all the operations that take place in the business.

Methodology Employed

In order to retrieve information for the successful completion of this research, the methods used to collect data was; questionnaire, interview and observation.

The use of questionnaire was chosen for the following reasons: •Capable of useful analysis.
An immediate response is not required.
It guarantees confidentiality since respondents are not required to write their names. A questionnaire with a sum of ten (10) questions; nine (9) open ended questions and one (1) closed ended question was given to the entrepreneur to ensure that information given would be precise and factual. Another primary source of data collection was also used to retrieve necessary information for the successful completion of the research. Observations were done on the operations of the business. This sources of data collection provided information that the questionnaire could not have provided. Since the researcher was an employee at the Pastry Palace Bakery on working experience, she had observed the operations that take place in the business and who are the persons assigned to specific tasks in the business.

Description of Business
The business to be investigated is Pastry Palace Bakery. Pastry Palace Bakery is a Sole trader business located in Santa Cruz, St. Elizabeth. The business is owned and operated by Mr. Henry the entrepreneur. Mr. Henry stated that Pastry Palace was established in the year 1985. He also stated that pastry palace offers a wide variety of products such as; Marble Slices, Wine Slices, Gizzardas, Coconut Rolls, Cinnamon rolls, Bullas and the list goes on. The business opens from Monday- Saturdays from 6 am- 9pm, but not on public holidays. Raw materials for production are supplied by local farmers, such as egg- rearers, stated a worker in the production area. Also, flour and other baking ingredients are bought from a supermarket out of the community of Santa- Cruz. The researcher was told by another worker that the business uses batch production to produce goods. Batch production, he stated saves time, fuel and lessens work load on workers. Mr. Henry stated, in order to inform the public of the business, management started advertising through the media, work shirts and fliers. The business uses persuasive form of advertising to convince consumers to purchase their goods. The researcher further retrieved that the business engages in market segmentation. Other workers stated that there is a high demand for products during school time and festive seasons and so goods are produced in bulks to meet the need of consumers. While on working experience, the researcher observed, that workers in the business includes; the entrepreneur, fifteen (15) bakers, six (6) packers, four (4) sealers and a janitor. The entrepreneur further stated that the labour utilized in the business are; skilled, semi- skilled and un- skilled. Also, he stated that the business uses direct and indirect distribution methods. In direct distribution, customers come in and order and sometimes dine there. In indirect distribution they order in large quantities and pick them up and distribute them to their customers.

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