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Topics: Marketing, North America, Region Pages: 3 (652 words) Published: February 7, 2013
The market for private-label athletic footwear is projected to grow 10% annually in all four geographic regions during the Year 11-Year 15 period and 8.5% annually in all four regions during the Year 16-Year 20 period.

In Year 11, footwear companies can expect to sell

an average of 4.84 million branded pairs and an average of 800,000 private-label pairs, although sales at some companies may run higher or lower than the averages due to differing levels of competitive effort.

Which one of the following is not a factor in determining a company's unit sales and market share of branded footwear in a particular geographic region? Performance/durability (P/D) ratings

At the end of Year 10, going into Year 11, the company's production capability was 6 million pairs without the use of overtime and 7.2 million pairs with the use of overtime

The market for branded athletic footwear is projected to grow 9-11% annually in Latin America and the Asia-Pacific during the Year 11-Year 15 period and 5-7% annually in North America and Europe-Africa during the Year 11-Year 15 period.

Which the following are the four geographic regions in which the company sells branded and private-label athletic footwear Asia-Pacific, Europe-Africa, North America, and Latin America

Which of the following best describes the materials the company uses to make its footwear? Standard and superior materials

The reject rates at the company's footwear plants are a function of

the size of the incentive payment per non-defective pair produced, spending for best practices training, spending for TQM/Six Sigma quality control efforts, the number of models/styles comprising the company's product line, and the installation of plant upgrade option A.

The company currently has production facilities to make athletic footwear in North America and Asia-Pacific

Which of the following currencies are involved in affecting the operations of your company's athletic footwear...
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