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Answer the following questions in the Microsoft Word. Font – Arial, font size – 12, single space.

* Pick a well-known business organization that has received recent press coverage and for which you can get an annual reports for a number of years. For this organization, do the following:

1. From the annual reports, identify the main strategies pursued by the company over a 5-10 year period. NUMBER 1 ANSWER

In every year Jollibee Food Corporation create and develop new ideas enable to maintain their competitive advantage among fast growing food service corporation in the world locally and internationall, the following are strategy pursued by them over a years:

2011 – Drive to a greater future.
Jollibe Foods Corporation (JFC) continues to create lasting and memorable moments with family and friends as it shares the joy of eating locally and around the world. With its store network exponentially growing in numbers, JFC has set its sights on bigger dreams for future expansions.

2010 – Spreading the joy of eating to everyone.
Sharing a meal is more than just dining on delicious food. It is about spending time with family, friends, and colleagues. Jollibee Foods Corporation (JFC) understands this and strives to make each dining moment a delightful experience.

2009 – The Place is a Brand
What makes a brand? More than just a name and a logo, a brand has character. It can be formal or playful, aged or young, traditional or modern, elaborate or simple. A good brand does not just deliver its benefits. It does so with distinctive style! The brands of Jollibee Foods Corporation serve great tasting, great value food. They provide dining experience in a place designed to delight in a way that is consistent with the brands’ character.

2008 – Growing by Adapting the Flavors of the World
THE WORLD IS GLOBAL, BUT ITS TASTES ARE LOCAL. People adapt foreign foods but change them to their tastes. This is natural. Taste preference along with those of aroma, texture, and presentation evolved over hundreds of years, influenced mainly by the kinds of plant and animal food that grow in their geography. Local preferences are hard to change.

2007 – 30 Years Enhancing Celebrations
JOLLIBEE BEGAN WITH TWO ICE CREAM PARLORS in Manila in 1975. It became a formal business enterprise on January 11, 1978 with the establishment of Jollibe Foods Corporation. Since then, JFC had grown to become the largest food service company in the Philippines and one of Asia’s most promising food service enterprises. Today, JFC operates more than 1,600 stores in the Philippines and 9 other countries with 8 brands: Jollibee, Chowking, Greenwich, Red Ribbon, Yonghe King, Delifrance, Chun Shui Tang and it’s latest addition Manong Pepe. These qualities have become parts of the character of all brands in the Jollibee Group.

2006 – Building Leader Brands: The Art of Marketing
When people look at our logos, what quickly comes to their minds? Most likely, images of Jollibees Chickenjoy and Yumburger, Chowking’s Chinese noodles, Greenwichs pizzas and pastas, Delifrance’s freshly-baked breads, Red Ribbon’s cakes and pastries, Yonghe Kings soy milk and dough sticks, and Chun Shui Tangs tea drinks. But logos aren’t simply about products. Logos, and the brands they represent remind people of the brands’ promises. Like a distinctive flavor, texture, juiciness and aroma of familiar food products; the liveliness, colorfulness, cleanliness and atmosphere of fun and customer delight in the dining place; the ready smile, warmth and courtesy of the store crew.

2. Try to identify why the company pursued these strategies, what reason was given in the annual reports, press reports and so on?

2011- In this annual report, Jollibe Foods Corporation seizes the...
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