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Multimodal transport (also known as combined transport) is the transportation of goods under a single contract, but performed with at least two different means of transport; the carrier is liable (in a legal sense) for the entire carriage, even though it is performed by several different modes of transport (by rail, sea and road, for example).  -------------------------------------------------

Multi-Modal Transportation Safety and Security
The transportation industry is challenged with improving aging infrastructure and increasing transportation safety and transportation security in the face of extremely limited funding. Applying multi-modal transportation expertise and state-of-the-art technologies, IEM provides cost-effective solutions that address the critical issues of transportation planning (including transportation emergency response and recovery planning), transportation safety, transportation security, evacuation, travel demand, Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS), commodity flows, and public involvement and participation in transportation projects. Our expertise includes port security, mass transit security, air operations, hazmat transport, multi-modal transport of evacuees, transportation modeling and simulation, including rail, freight modeling, emergency response time modeling (fire and medical), and the use of GIS. -------------------------------------------------

Air – IEM’s aviation experts support all air transportation, air logistics, and airdrop needs, including air operations planning; airfield site assessment and feasibility analyses; airport emergency operations planning; command and control (C2); drop zone safety/control set-up and operations; intra-theater airlift requests system (ITARS); inter-theater airlift system; global decision support system (GDSS II); joint operations planning and execution system (JOPES); landing zone set-up and operations; and single mobility system (SMS). Our aviation experts also have...
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