Mnemonic Devices

Topics: Memory, Brain, Mind Pages: 2 (546 words) Published: November 16, 2010
Individuals who use mnemonic devices have a greater ability to process information rather than those who do not. Using symbolic and auditory messages can help everyone to signal their memory recall process. Many people do not use mnemonic devices as a memorization tool and those are disadvantaged to the people who do. If everyone started to make an effort to use mnemonic devices, people could recall stored information much more efficiently throughout daily life.

The first step into beginning to use mnemonic devices is by making a conscious decision to change the way the way you think to enhance the ability to memorize. A person must first say to themselves, “I am going to begin to be a better memorizer by using mnemonic devices.” This phrase is a great self reinforcement to an individual. After that is said the individual should constantly remember to keep thinking and saying this to themselves. These first steps are the most important steps because without them the rest of the process would not come after. To ultimately make it to the retrieval phase of memory, one must become a master of encoding and storing learned intelligence. Telling yourself to remember to use mnemonic devices is a great way to strengthen the memorization process because it is always on the mind.

Many methods of mnemonic devices are used to aid in the memorization process. The hippocampus is the brain structure devoutly involved in consolidation of memory. Any person Dejewski-2
who consciously makes the decision to utilizes their god given brain to the full advantage will excel at an unlimited rate. Anything is possible because if a person can think it, it is plausible that the individual can create the design from nothing but pure inspiration. An intelligent person will never stop learning and the level of processing will become faster an more efficient.

Mnemonic devices can vary from songs, pictures, symbols, and even faces of other individuals...
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