Mnc Companies: Are They Devil in Disguise

Topics: Corporation, Multinational corporation, Economics Pages: 2 (456 words) Published: July 6, 2011
Multinational Corporations: Are they Devils in Disguise?

According to me, no MNC’s can be devil in disguise. MNC’s brought India at a new level. Yes definitely these have some advantages and disadvantages .But if the government agree to take part in the changing of disadvantage then surely MNCs will be more beneficial for our country.

Here are some advantages and disadvantages of MNCs:

1) Helping in the improvement of standard of living.
2) Helping in the increasing rate of employment.
3) Helping to remove the poverty from our country.
4) MNC’s help in the improvement of economical condition of our country. 5) Help in the education system also .
6) Attract more consumers towards the products .
7) Improving the better quality of products, goods n services . 8) There is greater efficiency and cheaper goods are made available due to capital intensive techniques 9) Optimum utilization of available resources.

10) more tax collected by govt. that can be used for economic development. 11) There is an increase in the competitiveness on the part of the domestic companies so as to fight competition

1) Increasing the competition between government companies and private companies. 2) There is no job security.
3) Not increasing the standard of living of every class.
4) Youngsters only are getting jobs, not the adults.
5) There is a age limit in MNC’s , somehow around 40s or 45s. 6) leads to drainage of wealth to foreign countries.
7) due to adoption of capital intensive means of production lot of people are unemployed.

MNCs are definitely not devils in disguise. Latest technologies and innovations are brought in India by these MNCs. They provide job opportunities and a better job prospectus for their employees. They ensure global exposure, giving greater scope for learning. MNCs support outsourcing, providing job opportunities. These days public sector jobs are limited and the organisations under it are corrupt. MNCs...
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